Fine Opportunities for your Surgery for Excess Breasts

In the title there is no mistake. We just would like to draw readers’ attention to a problem like gynecomastia. This disease, or more precisely, a violation, provokes the growth of the mammary glands in men. Gynecomastia is not uncommon and those who suffer from this disease prefer to remain silent, trying to “cure” themselves. Let’s see what the experts advise in the case of gynecomastia.

What are the causes of this disease?

If the growth of mammary glands in men is not caused by Kinefelter syndrome, which is a genetic disease, then most likely, a man with gynecomastia has a metabolic disorder. This disease is most often found among adolescents or already elderly men. If the number of female hormones, especially estrogen, exceeds the number of male hormones, testosterone, then all sorts of troubles begins. Of course, Salma Hayek and other girls with big breasts can only rejoice at their external data, but men like this are far from happy. The gynecomastia surgery in Miami is there now.

Especially teenagers suffer from gynecomastia, because hormonal balance is often broken during ripening. At nine-tenths of adolescents during maturation, mammary glands, sometimes on both sides, sometimes with only one, begin to be palpated. This is not a cause for concern, since all this disappears after a couple of months, and visually nothing is noticeable. But if the breasts of the boy-teenager begin to increase visibly, then one can no longer doubt – gynecomastia here as here.

In older men, gynecomastia may indicate a variety of prostate diseases. In addition, gynecomastia is very common among full and very full men. They significantly increase the concentration of estrogen, the female hormone, well, and the breast begins to grow, the voice becomes thinner. This is probably noticed by many.

With Whom To Talk About Gynecomastia?

However hard it is, it is worth notifying your relatives, and most likely your closest friends, so that they do not invent all kinds of stories (it’s about teenagers, although older people also need to think about it). If gynecomastia has overtaken you, talk with your family and friends, explain the reasons for such changes.

How to cure this?

  • Independently, the cause is difficult to determine, however, except for any diseases, there are two causes of gynecomastia – malnutrition, and the effects of medications.
  • Often, drug treatment, which is a male patient, disrupts the balance of hormones in his body, and as a result there is already known to us gynecomastia.
  • In addition, as already mentioned, people with excess weight often suffer from such a disease.


Be sure to talk with your doctor, and try to find out what medications could affect the development of this disease. If a change of medication will help to solve the problem, then you cannot worry, if not – you should already contact a nutritionist. By the way, steroids, which are so popular among the “pumping”, can also lead to gynecomastia.

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