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Treatments from the Far East – Best Asian Spas

We beauty queens are avid lovers of all things beauty from the far east and can’t get enough of all it has to offer for our beauty regime. Last time we covered our favourite skincare products from Asia, but this time were talking about our top Asian spas in Los Angeles for you to check out. Because while it’s important for us to take care of our outer appearance, we also believe in beautifying from the inside out and taking care of our bodies- a belief that is a definitive characteristic of Asian culture. So Whether you’re wanting a hot massage, deep cleansing body scrub, or detox, we’ve got our top three Asian spas for you to check out below! Don your best Chanel jacket and Oliver Peoples sunglasses and prepare to feel like a queen!

  1. Tomoko – truly a one of a kind spa that sets it apart from any other Japanese spa house for its sole purpose of combining relaxation with healing. Honing in practices from village healers of Osaka, Tomoko is a culmination of specific spiritual and deep massage treatments that not only heal your physical ailments but your mind and spirit. This is not just a regular massage but a massage therapy that has been developed and worked on for over 9 years to treat just about anything. Each massage embraces holistic balance and is specified to treat the unique physical, emotional, and mental needs of each guest. They also utilize the highest quality organic oils to aid with each massage. If you’re in need of more than just a simple back rub, make sure to book with this healing house for proper recovery.
  2. Olympic spa– Much like the traditional Japanese bath houses you might’ve seen in movies with numerous hot tubs guests sit and soak in for hours, the Korean spa offers a greater variety for your body to achieve its optimum healing and cleaning experience. Koreans believe in releasing out all the body’s toxins through sweating and have created speciality heated rooms, set at specific temperatures with specific herbs to target different problem areas of the body. For example, there are rooms such as a salt or charcoal one. And each sauna room uses far infrared as it can penetrate into the layers of the skin deeper to detox out everything from the fat tissue of the body. After you’ve visited the multiple rooms to detox yourself, don’t miss out on the famous Korean body scrub where you’ll have every inch of dead skin rubbed off your body for an ultimate cleansing experience. To soothe your skin afterwards, ask for a milk bath where warm milk is poured over your body to hydrate and soften your skin. Be sure to check out the many benefits the Korean spa has to offer and visit often! Each visit is very affordable and won’t break your wallet!
  3. Nuch Royal Thai spa– sometimes we just need a deep hard massage treatment to really get all those kinks out of our neck and there’s no better place To go then to a traditional Thai massage spa. Nuch practices the ancient Thai therapeutic procedures to heal and relax each guest and offers a variety of different Thai massages. With its many dynamic forms, you can forgo the traditional massages of lying down on your back the entire time and be stretched and moved in different positions to ensure all parts of your body are being treated. And if you’re feeling that you need extra hands to work on you, Nuch offers a four hand massage where two professional masseuse will work on you for a truly royal treatment.
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